These are my messy dotfiles.
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Adam Cooper 4d10fda384 Various updates 4 months ago
bin Fix up consolidate-path script 2 years ago
ctags [a] [zsh] ctags alias 3 years ago
eg eg items; ls colors 2 years ago
git wip 2 years ago
newsboat/.newsboat wip 2 years ago
procs better fzf with fd; move bat config to config, although 2 years ago
tmux tmux tweaks 1 year ago
vim Add vim-go 1 year ago
zsh Python path, Starship, Airline, JSX, remove stale comments 2 years ago Update 2 years ago three sets 3 years ago

N.B. .bashrc Linux, .bash_profile Mac

N.B. install script should correctly install bin/ scripts.