These are my messy dotfiles.
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  • FIXED The both method of installing fzf has left me without the :Files func- tionality.

  • FIXED diff-so-fancy

  • FIXED What's really not working is nvm. If you install it with bash, zsh can't see it.

  • add source $HOME/.cargo/env - does this persist or must I add it to .zshrc?

  • chsh not working?

  • N.B. .bashrc Linux, .bash_profile Mac

  • FIXED After the install script runs, the user needs to install the vim plugins by opening vim and running :PlugInstall - how do you get the pid of the latest process or a particular process?

  • FIXED tmux powerline doesn't work out of the box

  • FIXED? nvm - not working right? Time to add the filigree!

  • FIXED Maybe we need a post-install script for nvm install lts/dubnium and nvm use lts/dubnium, and then npm install -g typescript, and then exhort the user to run vim and ycm.

  • FIXED make aptitude install vim et al automatically accept without user input

  • FIXED same with rust

  • FIXED do existence tests before mv