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<title>Wrong email | Adam Cooper</title>
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<h3 id="sorry-wrong-email">Sorry, wrong email</h3>
<p>I receive misdirected emails with a bizarrely high frequency. About
once a week, I receive an email at my old GMail address, addressed to
someone unknown to me hundreds or even thousands of miles away.</p>
<p>Theres not much mystery to it. I was an early adopter of GMail, and
grabbed a relatively common <i>first-initialmiddle-initialsurname</i> username.
Once GMail went out of beta, a bunch of people got addresses similar to
mine. And from time to time they type their email address into a form and
forget to add the digits or whatever is tacked on after the surname in
their address, and next thing you know Im getting a promo email from a
yoga studio in Hamilton, Ontario. Or Im getting invited to a golfing
weekend in Florida or whatever.</p>
<p>They come from all over. Not just the unsurprising places in
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, or USA. I get emails from
Chile and Mexico too. I can speak Spanish, so thats helpful in those
<p>I try to write a note to everyone, but honestly its been years of
this, so I started semiautomating the process to make it interesting.
If youre technically savvy, you can check out the code <a
although its not very exciting. It just kind of gets the job done.</p>
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