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Adam Cooper 72062842e7 Panic if password script yields no password (#12)
This would happen, e.g., if the database is locked.
2022-03-22 01:10:21 -04:00
Adam Cooper e77b79afae Improve URL handling (#11) 2022-03-22 00:47:02 -04:00
Adam Cooper 7d00d6f863 Remove hard-coded username instances (#9) 2022-03-21 09:30:43 -04:00
Adam Cooper 5bb7fc6eaf Clean up logging (#8) 2022-03-21 03:43:56 -04:00
Adam Cooper 3c6afa56c4 Remove comments, stray macros, unused struct references (#7) 2022-03-21 03:08:08 -04:00
Adam Cooper 703a7c4810 Configuration struct (#6)
Configuration struct stores username, password or password script, Nextcloud root, and target path
2022-03-20 04:04:24 -04:00
Adam Cooper a7d5962d30 [wip] Grab configuration file 2022-03-18 09:42:23 -04:00
Adam Cooper fc275d1bc9 Redirect app to new Nextcloud subdomain 2022-03-10 14:55:28 -05:00
Adam Cooper 98efdaaa82 Using href in visited_items hashmap 2022-03-07 09:41:57 -05:00
Adam Cooper cb0173c440 [wip] More debugging statements
Added more debugging statements because maybe tree is not getting fully traversed
2022-03-07 03:38:27 -05:00
Adam Cooper d9e0a55a84 [wip] Not sure exactly what's happening, but the POST requests are returning 200 2022-03-06 18:45:16 -05:00
Adam Cooper 7966f61894 [wip] Runs without panic, but doesn't actually update, apparently. 2022-02-27 23:14:28 -05:00
Adam Cooper 6292b5dddf [wip] No errors, may have a working version here. 2022-02-27 03:13:49 -05:00
Adam Cooper 062d973d8a [wip] Mostly debugging statements 2022-02-26 18:51:01 -05:00
Adam Cooper b331363d09 [wip] Still no errors 2022-02-20 01:25:34 -05:00
Adam Cooper ebc6eaf6ee [wip] Committing before removing Option<T>
When I tried to add the next bit here, the borrow checker
objected to mutable borrows in lines 136 and 147, borrows
it has no problem with now. So I'm going to try to get this
working without `Option<T>` first.
2022-02-17 03:02:08 -05:00
Adam Cooper e735a3eeec [wip] No errors at this point 2022-02-16 09:30:46 -05:00
Adam Cooper 2298b04eec [wip] Committing before starting over
Committing before duplicating the file and rewriting
it line by line with more careful attention to the
borrow checker.
2022-02-16 09:17:43 -05:00
Adam Cooper 06e60dce14 [wip] Change of approach: moving the Multistatus
Move the Multistatus value from the main function into the traverse
function, as it will not be used in the main function afterwards.
In the traverse function, the struct is now borrowed as mutable,
which fixes the append function, but we'll probably need to use
references in all the match arms.
2022-02-15 09:31:15 -05:00
Adam Cooper 1c8e868afd [wip] Committing now when down to one error
Committing now when down to one error, and before zapping a bunch of
2022-02-13 21:01:33 -05:00
Adam Cooper 3b69ca58cd [wip] Commit before appeasing the borrow checker
To appease the borrow checker, we'll move the whole struct from main()
into tree_traversal().
2022-01-27 08:46:55 -05:00
Adam Cooper 767d77ffcc [wip] Commit before string refactor 2022-01-27 08:45:27 -05:00
Adam Cooper e034933fc0 [wip] Committing before match refactor 2022-01-21 08:53:35 -05:00
Adam Cooper d00bc97478 [wip] Starting depth-first tree traversal 2022-01-16 19:24:39 -05:00
Adam Cooper 22f3ea6353 FIXED #3: Parse XML Response 2022-01-08 16:51:20 -05:00
Adam Cooper aed09ac9d8 [wip] No compilation errors 2022-01-07 09:20:17 -05:00
Adam Cooper 07c6a82d8f [test] Testing removal of SSH password 2021-12-20 09:02:07 -05:00
Adam Cooper 348cf4d843 Highlight resource type elements 2021-12-20 04:52:09 -05:00
Adam Cooper 57da34b095 Successful HTTP request 2021-12-16 08:53:25 -05:00
Adam Cooper bcd5090ebd [wip] Making initial HTTP request 2021-12-15 22:59:53 -05:00
Adam Cooper 585b247297 Receive user input (password) 2021-12-13 14:23:25 -05:00
Adam Cooper f020ecb6d9 Implement logging and user input 2021-12-13 01:20:45 -05:00
Adam Cooper f6de295e4c First commit 2021-12-11 15:55:06 -05:00